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The 5 Principles of Theofatalism

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1. Absolute Predeterminism

Everything is happening as it must, or it would be different. The divine will of GOD the Almighty One cannot be disobeyed. It is the utmost arrogance and ignorance to assume that the creature can disobey the Creator, or the clay can control the potter, or the puppet can pull its own strings. Disobeying GOD's will is impossible. 

2. Necessary Opposites

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction — as in physics so it is in human thoughts and actions. All energy of the universe is distributed about a neutral center like the air in a balloon, with equal power invested in opposing forces manifested in life events. Like a battery with two poles, energy is impotent until the two opposing poles are deployed. Since Homo sapiens manifest energy in thoughts and behaviors, they, and all material and spiritual forms, must conform to this principle of necessary opposites.  

3. Unconscious Decisions

All behavior is driven from unconscious forces among and within people who select options presumed to offer more valuable benefits than burdens. All options among choices are selected because the benefits are worth more than the burdens, even though they may be unconscious and seem to be unreasonable or even insane to a rational observer. There are no mistakes, only unconscious choices and inevitable consequences.

4. Indefinite Uncertainty

Life does not grant us certainty, only options and probabilities. Nothing about the future in human affairs can be forecast with accuracy, especially those things that we think we know for sure. The famous American philosopher and baseball star, Yogi Berra, once said, "Making predictions is hard, especially when it is about the future." That awareness makes humankind feel anxious necessarily. To be anxious is to be human because it is a normal reaction to the awareness of indefinite uncertainty. 

5. Immaculate Immanence

GOD works a very specific plan for each material element and sentient being that forms a unique and necessary part of the whole universe. Most of human life is like assembling a jigsaw puzzle without the picture on the box. Each individual sentient being may be only one small insignificant piece, but a necessary indispensable piece or we would not be here. The whole picture composing each life becomes more apparent near completion as we take our place in it. "Immaculate" means without flaw or error, and "immanence" means operating within, inherent, present throughout the universe. So, this is not the same god as the one in the Bible or the Koran — it is the Generator, Operator, and Destroyer of universes — GOD. Can you believe that?