Since 1985

About Lewis Tagliaferre

As an observer of the world, I have a keen interest in how the world works. My vast array of interests includes the fields of religion, psychology, sociology, cosmology, geology, anthropology, criminology, history, government, and more. Join me as I explore what I have learned.

A Passion for Writing

I have written more than one hundred freelance magazine articles and several books on managing grief, the metaphysics of aging, and facing the unknowns following death. Although I might be called a contrarian to established religious dogma, I prefer to be called a realistic mystic and explorer of the human psyche. An avid reader and Internet researcher, my work is intended for those who are suffering loss and tragedy who find no comfort or security in traditional religious dogma. 

My books result from the necessity of surviving the untimely loss of my beloved wife when she was 52 from complications of breast cancer. The resulting shock and search for a belief system I could live with culminated in forming the principles of Theofatalism, a spiritual pathway to serenity and contentment when your life is shaken and you realize it is God — the generator, operator, destroyer — who is doing the shaking. 

A Varied Life

Born in 1933 to immigrant parents — one German, one Italian — I grew up in Cumberland, MD, where I played high school trumpet and starred in drama and public speaking. I served in the U.S. Air Force on a B-36 bomber crew during the Korean War. After attending college part-time, and then receiving degrees in electronics and business management, I completed a long career in defense contracting and energy-related trade association management. I consider myself a recovered Baptist, deacon, and Sunday school teacher.